Iridescence, part 2

I posted about a shawl with cottolin weft, and now let me show the tencel weft on the same warp, with a different weaving pattern. And what a difference in drape that tencel gives!  This is the first time I wove a shawl with tencel, and I think that I will be reaching more for … More Iridescence, part 2


I was very intrigued every time when I run across a photo or a post about iridescence weaving, showing gorgeous shawls and scarves.  As it turned out, those weavers used the techniques developed by Marian Stubenitsky, whose book “Weaving with Echo and Iris” I got February this year.  And, armed with the knowledge, I started working on … More Iridescence

What is the most difficult part in weaving?

I have heard different answers to that.  Some weavers would say that understanding a draft for the project is difficult, some mentioned handling a second warp.  Others – tying the treadles or getting a clean shed.  Non-weavers usually reply that the whole thing looks overwhelming.  And they all are right, of course.  Each of us … More What is the most difficult part in weaving?