Lindavia collection, 2016

Lindavia wrap, magenta tencel weft, crackle weave, bundle

The first wrap in Lindavia collection. The warp is a blend of cotton / hemp yarn, hand-dyed with snow, in 8/2. The weft is 8/2 magenta tencel. Crackle weave, 320 GSM.

Lindavia wrap, hand-dyed silk weft, crackle weave, across

Lindavia collection, wrap #2. The weft is hand-dyed Mulberry spun silk. Crackle weave, 370 GSM.


Lindavia collection, piece #3 for a ring sling.  Crackle weave and tencel weft.  325 GSM.


Lindavia collection, piece #4 for a ring sling.  Hand-dyed Mulberry silk, woven in crackle weave.  310 GSM.

Lindavia wrap, merc cotton weft, crackle weave, close-up

Lindavia collection, wrap #5.  Mercerized cotton as weft and very crackle weave.  375 GSM.


Lindavia collection, piece #6, an infinity scarf.  Weft: Cerise tencel; weave: crackle.