How to get a Silky?

First, check the Silky Weave Etsy shop:  link.  The newest and the new stuff is there.

Second, the Silky Weave chatter group on Facebook is a good place for a retail baby wraps circulation from Silky Weave collections.

Finally, you can contact the Silky Weave page on Facebook or leave a comment here.





2 thoughts on “How to get a Silky?

  1. I am thinking of buying a Weaverbird and came across your site while doing research. I wonder If you’ve been happy with your loom and with the interactions with Leclerc.
    Steve Baker


    1. I am happy to have 16 shafts where I don’t need to fiddle with pegs, actual tie-ups and such. I have seen a process of setting up a 8-shaft counter-march loom for a specific tie-up, and it was very complex. No such hassle with Dobby counter-balance like Weavebird. The weaving process itself requires less physical efforts in terms of pressing treadles than a 4-shaft jack loom I had before. I had to learn how to listen to my loom to ensure it is happy: checking cable tension after dressing the loom, lubricating it regularly (way more moving parts than my previous loom). Adjusting to different weaving space. And so on. I also replaced the brakes attachment mechanism, as the original was not well designed, most of the nylon cords (tear and wear), and plastic rollers, in the last 7 years. Leclerc interactions were fine, and they answered all my questions promptly and replaced stuff under warranty. So, I do not regret buying Weavebird, but it is more finicky than a jack loom.


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