Customers’ voice: Stone Plum shawl review


That is Nadine, in her Stone Plum shawl

And that’s what she thinks about it:

It is so happened that the current instant fashion trend does not sit well with me.  Just when I start liking something – it is either falls apart or falls out of fashion.  And start all over again, with 20 essential things that everyone has to have, every season. Just thinking about time and money to do that dampens my mood.  Also, finding a piece that has the right fit, colour, texture and material, in the mass market is next to impossible – it is dominated by grey, black and neutral tones, while I love colours. 

Where I go then?  To small shops with hand-made items and custom orders.  They are more costly, yes, and getting your custom done takes time, but waiting for it is like waiting for Christmas, with one difference – I know exactly what I will be getting, for the “happily ever after” experience of having a custom piece. 

I am particularly fond of shawls and scarves – they do the trick of creating an individual look and freshen any outfit, from everyday to special occasion.  A good shawl is essential in warm day / cool evening season.  It can also help big time when a colleague in the office likes the temp really cool, and I am dressed for a warm summer day – no need to have a stash of blankets under the table.  Draping a shawl over a coat, with a pin is another reason why I love shawls. 

Finding a shawl that I like, with my colours, with the pleasing pattern and nice materials, is a completely different story and not an easy quest. 

But recently I got lucky – and got a shawl from a Stone Plum collection, hand-woven in the Silky Weave studio.  And it is a love at the first sight. 

This shawl is lightweight and warm – with a blend of cotton, silk and alpaca yarns.  Sophie  suggested this combo when I explained how and when I want to wear my shawl.  And it is a brilliant blend of yarns. The shawl performed brilliantly in a cool breeze when I went for a walk along a seashore one evening.  The weather in Odessa is tricky: even the warmest Indian summer day can turn into a chilling evening, and don’t you dare to forget that when leaving a house.

I also found that only hand-woven fabric has this amazingly soft and elegant drape.   I don’t know why, likely because of the hand-weaving magic.  Seriously, this is the first time I own a handwoven piece, and the difference in look and touch is quite something.  I can wash my shawl in a washing machine, and it will be like new for years and years.

The last, but not least, is that my shawl is unique.  Yes, the Stone Plum collection has several baby wraps, scarves and shawls, but the wide range of colours and blends in weft guarantees a distinct look for each woven item.  The colours in my shawl are amazing: soft transition from dark turquoise to purple and pink, via bright fuchsia is so pleasing to an eye!  And the royal blue weft lets the warp colours shine in full. Overall, the effect is wonderful.

When I wear it outside, people are literally staring at me, trying to see the details of my lovely shawl.  No one have seen something like that here. 

And that makes me a very happy owner of my Stone Plum shawl.  The shawl is beautiful and practical – what not to like? 


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