Iridescence, part 2

I posted about a shawl with cottolin weft, and now let me show the tencel weft on the same warp, with a different weaving pattern.

Iris tencel (2 of 5)

And what a difference in drape that tencel gives!  This is the first time I wove a shawl with tencel, and I think that I will be reaching more for this yarn in the future.

Now, let’s talk about the warp itself.  I followed the instructions in the book “Weaving with echo and iris”, that called for 4 colours in the warp, placed in the sequence of the colour wheel.  Top part of the picture below shows the colours and their sequence in the warp, prepared for winding to a sectional beam, and bottom – how the warp looks on the beam.  Already the large strong colours are blended and softened.

iris warp (1 of 1)

And, as I said before, I can’t imagine the look of fabric before I weave a sample, sampling I did.

iris warp (1 of 1)-2

After weaving the samples, I cut them off and washed them, to get a final look of the fabric before I committed to a particular weft for main projects.  And with that done, I wove those two shawls.  It was a challenging project, with lots of hours spending a design in the weaving program, but I absolutely love the outcome.

Iris tencel (1 of 5)



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