Lindavia wrap

Lindavia, my first hand-painted warp project, for a very special friend.  Snow-dyed cottohemp warp, going from intense red and burgundy to gentle pink. Crackle weave, mercerized cotton.  This beauty is listed in my Etsy shop:  link.

Continuing on the itajime shibori road

Those scarves came to me with no colour.  Just pure white silk.  I used them to test acid dyes for a baby wrap, the results of which you can still see – the blue, yellow, purple, and magenta are from that era. And then, having acquired all kinds of wooden blocks from a nearby art … More Continuing on the itajime shibori road


A path to connect

What I love about my weaving, is that it connects me to people in more ways that I can imagine.  And this morning was not an exception: a new name popped up in the FB messages, and I learned that one of the pieces I wove made into a bracelet!  How awesome is that?  (and … More A path to connect

The rainbow end

Take yarn, soft and white as a summer cloud.  Colour it – but only pick the gentlest and whispery colours, shades and tints.  Sprinkle it with a delicate crackle weave pattern. And watch the magic flowing from the end of the rainbow. Let me introduce “The Rainbow End”, a current project at the Silky Weave … More The rainbow end

Working a backlog

A while ago I added a second loom, a beautiful Leclerc Weavebird, to my studio.  And started a new project on it, Lindavia collection, while working on the Stone Plum on the old loom.  And I wove, and wove, and wove, and got to the point where I had quite a backlog of the pieces … More Working a backlog

A new wrap for sale

A wrap from a Lindavia collection is available for grabs!  The warp is a blend of organic cotton and hemp, 60/40 proportion, and has been hand-dyed with snow.  The weft is a mercerized cotton.  Weaving pattern is crackle weave, and the overall result is a  cushy, grippy and very supportive wrap with 375 GSM.  The … More A new wrap for sale