A new wrap for sale

Lindavia wrap, merc cotton weft, crackle weave, close-up 3

A wrap from a Lindavia collection is available for grabs!  The warp is a blend of organic cotton and hemp, 60/40 proportion, and has been hand-dyed with snow.  The weft is a mercerized cotton.  Weaving pattern is crackle weave, and the overall result is a  cushy, grippy and very supportive wrap with 375 GSM.  The wrap dimensions are 68 cm width, 3.5 m length measured on a rail.  Add a hand-embroidered middle marker of your choice and this wrap can be shipped in 3 days.

This high-end baby wrap is priced at CAD 700 plus shipping costs. Leave a comment here or contact our FB page if you’re interested.


2 thoughts on “A new wrap for sale

  1. Dear Silky weave team,,

    We have visited your interesting website and allow to introduce our company:

    We are a silk spinning mill located in Switzerland where all our yarns are produced. We can offer a very high quality range of yarns in 100 % silk and silk blends (silk/wool, silk/cotton, silk/cashmere, silk/babycamel, silk bamboo, Silk/Alpaca, Silk/Mohair etc.) Attached you can find our production programm.

    Following yarn types maybe are suitable for your products:

    100 % Spun silk yarn : Nm 20/2, 30/2, 40/2
    100 % Tussah silk : Nm 20/2
    Wool/Silk 50/50 % : Nm 12/3, 30/2
    Wool/Silk 70/30 %: Nm 20/2
    Cashmere/Silk 65/35 %: Nm 12/3, 20/2
    Cotton/Silk 50/50 %: Nm 16/2, 30/2
    Silk/Linen bleached 65/35 % : Nm 16/2, 30/2
    Silk/Bamboo Visc. 51/49 %: Nm 16/2, Nm 30/2
    Silk/SeaCell 70/30 %: Nm 16/2, 30/2
    Silk/Babycamel 65/35 %: Nm 16/2, 60/3
    Silk/Wool/SeaCell 51/29/20 %: Nm 16/2
    Silk/Alpaca Royal 70/30 %: Nm 15/2

    All yarns are certified Oeko-Tex standard 100 (class 1 for babies)

    If you wish we send you our yarn collection with small samples. Are you interested in?

    We look forward to your feedback.

    Best regards
    Daniel Amstutz

    Besuchen Sie uns/ Visitez nous/ Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swissmountainsilk

    Camenzind + Co. AG
    Daniel Amstutz
    Bläuistrasse 13
    CH-6442 Gersau
    Tel.: +41 (0)41 829 80 80
    Tel. direkt: +41 (0)41 829 80 84
    Web: http://www.natural-yarns.com


    1. Dear Mr. Amstutz,

      I had a pleasure of weaving with Camenzind’s Silk/SeaCell, Silk/Bamboo and Silk/Babycamel. Your yarns are fantastic, and I will absolutely love to have a sample collection!

      I will send you a pm on FB with my contact information.


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