A new loom (yes to hearts!)


I was a happy weaver with my Leclerc Nilus jack 4-shaft loom:  this loom is a workhorse, and a very versatile.  I wove fine silk scarves, rag rugs, gigantic table cloth, and yards and yards of the baby wraps.

However, as I was getting a foothold in the baby wrap weaving world, I realized that I didn’t have 2 things: ability to weave hearts (not enough shafts) and faster weaving.

So, I have been researching and window-shopping for a few months, until I understood what I need.  I knew that I want to get another Leclerc loom: first, they are high-quality, second, my weaving equipment will be compatible with both looms, and third, these looms are made in Canada, and I want to support local business even if this business is 2 provinces away.

And my choice is Leclerc Weavebird 16-shaft counter-march dobby loom with a flying shuttle.  I know, for most of my readers this string of words means next to nothing, yet some of you will know that this is a large upgrade.

I an go on and on how wonderfully sturdy the frame is, and how perfectly it keeps tension, and how well the shed is open, but, given my first project experience, I can say that I will be weaving faster and I can weave more patterns on the same warp.  So stay tuned for the next project, as it will be hand-dyed with snow cottohemp warp.


3 thoughts on “A new loom (yes to hearts!)

  1. Oh Sophie, great news, and, if I’ll ever have another baby (God only knows…) please do reserve me a spot for a decent weft for heart weave ’cause I looove hearts! ❤


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