New Etsy listings and a discount!


Yes, that’s right. I don’t believe that a a well made item should have a discount, especially a hand-made.  The care and attention that I put into every step of designing, dressing the loom, weaving, hand-painting the yarn, stitching and taking pics, and hours and hours of my hard work demand the prices that I have.  And knowing how much  labour, care, skills, ideas and thoughts I put it, I don’t ever ask for a discount from a fellow artisan.

But!  Once a year I can make an exception to no discount policy and roll with the retail tradition of Black Friday event.  So, I just added 2 more loop scarves from the Wedding Bouquet collection.  Click here for Etsy shop listing link.

And if you use the code 2016GetSilky10 before November 28, 2016, you will get 10% discount on any listing in my shop!  Enjoy your shopping!

P.S.  I will be adding a couple more scarves and one more RS fabric piece today and tomorrow, after I process the pile of photos I took this morning.  🙂


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