Dust bunnies under my loom

This is a name of a cool weaving website.  I read it, and like it, but the name puzzled me a bit.

Dust bunnies, in my mind, are the sign of neglect and lost interest. Why would anyone choose such a sad reference for their blog?

And ony after a period of very active weaving I understood: yarn sheds. When you weave, you are not gentle with yarn. You pull and stretch and grate and fray, all within normal weaving, and the yarn responds by shedding. So, the more you weave, the more dust bunnies you make. Aha! Not a sad name for a blog then!

Of course, different types of yarn shed differently. Silk creates soft fuzz, wool is similar but bigger, cotton sheds are almost like dust. The queen of shedding is mohair, of course.

But there is a yarn that deserves a title of a princess. It sheds like there is no tomorrow. My first time weaving with it: total shock.  I was swimming in the dust bunnies at the end of the day.

The name? Cottolin. 60% cotton, 40% linen, hence the name. Total surprise for me since pure cotton or pure linen do not engage in such a frivolous act of marking a weaver’s path outside of the studio with colour clouds.

I suspected nothing looking at the smooth surface of the cottolin bobbins. In the picture you can see how much lint accumulated after mere 100 yards of winding. (Mere- because for my current project I will be winding three and a half thousand yards). Happy dust bunnies swimming me! 


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