Crackle weave placemats

I have a book that I treat as THE BOOK. I got it with the loom, and this book is absolutely awesome. It’s called “A handweaver’s pattern book” by Margaret Dvison, and it is full of wonderful patterns that I love making into woven projects.

Here is how the book looks inside.

This time I got interested in the section “Crackle weave”. The author said that even thought the crackle weave is done with overshot, the results do not look like an overshot.

Well, that’s worth to be tested, I said to myself and went weaving.

OWB placemats

Weaving went as usual: wind the warp, wind the back beam, thread the heddles, slay the reed and then – start shooting shuttles.

Main weft yarn – white. The blue one plays a supporting role.

Yay – now I can truly see the pattern emerging. No errors!

And after hours and hours of weaving finally I am done. Time to cut the cloth off the loom.


Impossible to make a photo without at least one cat present.

Look how the colours switch places on the reverse!

And here is the comparison of the traditional overshot and crackle weave technique.

Table runner overshot and crackle weave placemat.

Silk scarf in overshot and my latest project.

And another comparison.

Do you see a difference? Does crackle weave look different from overshot?


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