Do you have good tools?

My mom had 2 sewing machines, and both were old, with missing tools and weird quirks they developed during their work life. I learn how to sew while accommodating their quirks.
Fast forward 20 years: I bought my own sewing machine. And every time I use it I think it’s awesome. It is easy to use, it winds the spool bobbins perfectly every time, and it has all the small tools that make sewing process more enjoyable.
But it never occurred to me that scissors are important too. I had one pair which I used to cut fabric, paper and everything else under this moon. And cutting fabric was taxing my hands pretty heavily.
Until – Ta-da- my friends gave me two pairs of scissors and said “Do not cut paper or anything else with them”.
And what a difference it made to have a dedicated pair of scissors! Cutting fabric is now easy, and it’s nice to always have them handy in my craft studio (as opposed to organizing the search party throughout the house).
Hooray to the good tools!



2 thoughts on “Do you have good tools?

  1. I grew up with a mother who said, “Are those the GOOD scissors?!” every time she saw me with a pair in my hands so I knew how much difference it could make to keep a pair just for fabric!


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