Have you used a temple?

And I am not talking about religion here. Ask a weaver this question, and they will understand you immediately. A temple, or a stretcher, is used to prevent the edges of the weaving to curl up while weaving. I don’t like using the temple, as it slows me down, but my current project is so wide that I have no choice.



2 thoughts on “Have you used a temple?

  1. I have a temple but haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet. I am also wondering if there is any secret to using or advancing it. Peter Collingwood talks about using a temple from the first pick in his rug weaving book but that’s as far as he goes.


    1. I would suggest the following:
      – insert the teeth of the temple very close to the selveges: 2 threads, teeth, the rest of the fabric
      – reposition the temple every time you advance the warp
      – advance the warp every 3 inches to keep the fabric stretched by the temple.
      That’s it 🙂 good luck with weaving!

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