Colour checkers placemats: making of

If I come across a weaver in Instagram, I follow them. I like seeing what others are working on, how they do it, and learning from others. I also take snapshots of interesting things and file them under “Inspiration”.

Recently I finished weaving placemats that were inspired by two weavers from completely different parts of the world.
Colourful placemats

A year ago I saw this table runner posted by a weaver from Germany. Sorry for the iPhone snapshot – I have not figured how to post pictures from Instagram directly.
Table runner
Here is the direct link to that picture

I thought about how I can reproduce the same technique, and after three days of heavy mental exercises I finally got it!

Some time later a Japanese weaver posted a beautiful table runner (again, apologies for a phone snapshot):
Table runner in blue and orange
Link to the instagram post

Wow, I thought, what a nice colour scheme! I want the same! And a month ago I finally got to a point when I wanted to make a Canadian project with German technique and Japanese colour scheme. I placed my order, and when it arrived, I started drawing squares with my finger.

Happy with the draft design, I moved to Numbers.

I maintain both imperial and metric systems in my calculations: I think in metric, but my loom is set to imperial one. So, duality of things.

After numbers comes the winding the bobbins part – this yarn will become the warp.
Bobbin winding

From bobbins – to the back beam:
Back beam

And now time to thread the heddles:

Slaying the reed:
Slaying the reed

After that – tying the warp to the front beam and finally weaving. To spread the tied warp evenly, I use cardboard pieces.
Starting to weave

Here is the warp with cotton threads: thick and thin:
First placemat


And here is the warp with off-white thick cotton thread and sewing thread:
Off-white placemats

Here is my help:

When I was planning this project, I decided to do 24 placemats. I have not been thinking that it means to weave 12 metres!
12 metres of weaving

And finally I am done weaving:
Finished weaving

Off the loom:
Off the loom!

Next stage – finishing the edges:
Working on edges

Edges close-up

Cotton things shrink a lot after the first washing: look at the difference in length!

Now it is a time to take pictures:
Taking pictures

With the help:
Help with pictures

And now pictures:

And more pictures:
More pictures!

And more pictures! I ate the strawberry after the the shot was done 🙂
And more pictures

Here is the link to my Etsy shop


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