Hearts in twill damask

I don’t have any formal education in weaving or textile.  I started weaving by going to the evening classes at Centre for Crafts Nova Scotia,  where I picked the skills of loom dressing, reading weaving drafts, weaving and finishing the fabric.  After a year there I purchased my first 4-shaft loom.  With it I got a “Handweaver’s pattern book“, and suddenly discovered that there is a lot of theory behind weaving drafts.  After I wove most of the structures from that book, I got a better understanding of how to make my own patterns.

But only when I got my current loom with 16 shafts, and the computer software to design weaving patterns, I really started to go into the “design my own” land.  Here is an example of my design: hearts in twill damask, woven on cotton warp.  I wove several pieces on that warp, with different weft and 2 different threadling, and will be posting the results as I process the woven fabric.  This is a baby blanket, woven with the seasilk.  It is available for purchase, and you can contact me at my FB page TheSilkyWeave for more information.


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