Playing with itajime shibori

seacell-painted-4-of-5My favourite recipe: Take handwoven, shibori, and acid dyes.  Shake well, wrap in plastic and cook thoroughly.  Let it cool down, wash, dry, iron and enjoy.

And now let me walk you through the steps, on at a time.

First, dress the loom with white cottolin warp.


Then weave with undyed Seasilk.  Cut of the weaving, wash and iron. On this stage the golden glow of the Seasilk dominates the view.


Then fold the sample and clamp the folded piece.


Then apply the first dye, steam, wait for it to cool.


Unfold, wash, let dry.


Iron, take a photo and enjoy the results.   White thread is cottolin, and coloured thread – Seasilk.  You can still see the undyed spaces, with the golden glow of the Seasilk, then the first dye (Dharma acid dye “Bright Aqua”),  then the second dye (Dharma acid dye “Fluorescent Fuchsia”), and the purple colour – mix of bright aqua and fuchsia.



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