Wedding Bouquet collection, wrap #4

This piece is woven with bourette silk that was twisted with bits of silk in different colours.  I believe that Habu labels this silk as “Tsumugi”, which is a correct name, as “tsumugi” means “bourette” in Japanese.  But I also got the impression that bourette silk with bits and nubs of different colours is what people have in mind when they hear “Tsumugi silk”.

Anyway, this is a beautiful silk to work with.  It has texture and softness. And nubs, of course.  All of this goodness, together with the hand-painted silk warp, totally overruns the woven hearts pattern.  But it is there!  🙂


This piece is 3.0 metres, with 300 GSM.  And it is for sale 🙂



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