Weaving Bouquet collection – introduction

The warp is a thin spun silk that I ordered from Japan.  I am very much in love with Japanese silks, and use them extensively in my weaving.

For the colour palette of the warp I was given a lovely inspiration picture – or, rather, a collage of three wedding bouquets.

So, this is a colour mock-up (on paper towels, if you’re curious, but with acid dyes) – I planned three distinct sections on the warp, corresponding to three bouquets from the inspiration picture. 13502837_1629468890704217_141716400055109145_o

Here is the warp on the loom, after 4 weeks of dyeing the skeins and winding them into the balls and then winding the sections.  Each section is unique in the colour composition.wedding-bouquet-warp

And now let’s have a look at the results of the weaving.  This is a close-up of one of the completed wraps.  The vertical threads are warp, and horizontal are weft yarn.  wb3-seasilk-weft-small-crackle-weave-1-of-1

My next post will be about wrap #3 from this collection – stay tuned!


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