A pattern for big hearts for 8-shaft loom

Hearts motif is very (VERY!) popular in the baby-wearing world.  I have seen patterns done for 8-shaft loom, which does not help me, but my friend sent me a pattern for hearts for 4 shafts.  But they are small.

So, when I got a pattern with big hearts for 8 shafts, I was excited.  But the floats in the original pattern are too long for a baby wrap.  We are talking like 18-float pattern, and I prefer to limit the floats to 4.  Why, you ask?  Well, thread pulls and snags are more likely to happen with longer floats, and for a fabric that will see lots and lots of action this is not a desirable outcome.

So, back to the pattern.  I tinkered with it and now it has 4 floats max.  Totally safe for a baby wrap!  If you like it, feel free to download the pattern in the wif format.  P.S.  Added a visual tie-up picture – clicking on the thumbnail will open the big picture.

Pattern for big hearts for the 8 shaft loom

Big hearts for 8 shafts


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