Tinkering with the weft.

When I started this scarf in undulating twill, I initially used the main weft in lilac in the same yarn thickness as the tabby weft (same as warp, grey). But the colors are close in hue, so there was not enough contrast and the pattern was lost, diluted. So I doubled the main weft to 2 threads. And since I can never wind a shuttle bobbin in 2 threads well – one thread immediately becomes longer and I have to adjust it after every pick, I decided to wind 2 bobbins left from my sewing exercises separately. It worked, but the threads were separating close to the end of shed – annoying, but not as bad as the difference in length with 2 threads on one bobbin. So I added a pony bead (bought it in anticipation of leno weave project) – and now it works like a charm. Yay me!



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