Middle markers

One of the things that baby wraps making requires is embroidery skill.  I used to do the cross-stitching years ago, but with the Silky Weave wraps I decided to offer a free hand embroidery.  I watched videos, read about various stitches, and practiced.  So, I am happy with my skills now, and here are recent … More Middle markers

Painting the warp

I have been experimenting with painting a white warp after I put it on the loom.  Here is a piece from Tabula Rasa collection, started as a white cottolin warp: And this is a piece from “Into the sunset collection”, where I aimed for a gradient transition from indigo to white:

What is the most difficult part in weaving?

I have heard different answers to that.  Some weavers would say that understanding a draft for the project is difficult, some mentioned handling a second warp.  Others – tying the treadles or getting a clean shed.  Non-weavers usually reply that the whole thing looks overwhelming.  And they all are right, of course.  Each of us … More What is the most difficult part in weaving?